Specialty Areas

Adult Anxiety

Adults are expected to fill many roles and each one of those roles is a full time job in of itself.  We are caregivers, chauffeurs, cheerleaders, employees, business-owners, children, partners and so much more, and we are expected to give 100% in each of these roles.  When we aren’t equipped with the coping strategies to manage daily stress, so much of our energy is expended on worrying.  Dedicate an hour a week to individual therapy and we will help you alleviate anxiety and re-gain a healthy mindset.

Nutrition Coaching

As a NASM certified nutrition coach, Lauren works with individuals and groups to un-learn negative diet cycling patterns and develop skills and habits to promote lifelong health. Using mindfulness skills, principles of behaviorism, and motivational interviewing skills, Lauren works with clients to achieve their health and nutrition goals in a nonjudgemental, supportive role.

Executive Function Coaching

Are you or your significant other struggling to meet home, parenting, and work expectations due to executive functioning problems related to ADHD?  Is it causing marital dissatisfaction, resentment, and dysfunction?  If so, executive function coaching can help adults improve self-regulation, time management, emotional control, self-discipline, and organization, as well as establish practical solutions to marital issues stemming from these problems. Lauren works with clients and family members in their home setting to establish a personalized plan and treatment approach.


Through cognitive behavioral therapy, clients are taught more helpful behaviors and thought processes to improve their mood and outlook on life.  Clients practice reframing and cognitive restructuring to replace negative thoughts and behaviors with more positive ones.  Coping skills are also introduced to help clients increase productivity.  Studies show that talk therapy in conjunction with medication is far more effective than medication alone for managing the symptoms of depression.

Relationship Problems/ Couples Counseling

Relationships are hard.  From time to time, it may be necessary to seek the help of a professional to resolve problems that result in unhealthy patterns of behavior.  If you are frustrated, hopeless, and tired of replaying the same fights over and over again, call us today to seek help working through your problems in a productive, safe environment.  I approach couple’s counseling using the Gottman method and will be happy to educate you on this research-based approach when you come to counseling.

Infertility & Reproductive Issues

Infertility and endometriosis can be debilitating for women and lead to significant stress on a couple’s relationship. Individual therapy and couples counseling can help women and couples manage difficult emotions and strengthen their bond while navigating the process of trying to conceive, whether naturally or through IVF.  My mental health professional certification in infertility treatment interventions through the American Society for Reproductive Medicine has helped to strengthen my work with couples and individuals struggling with infertility.

Postpartum Blues/ Adjusting to Baby

Motherhood is full of challenges.  After welcoming a new addition, you may feel more alone and isolated than ever.  Balancing all of the daily responsibilities placed on you can result in feelings of stress and anxiety, and even depression.  And when your mental health is suffering, you can’t provide the care and support your child needs.  Let us help you find balance and develop healthy habits so you can feel better.  Please, don’t let another day go by without seeking help; make an appointment today.

Adolescent Anxiety 

Symptoms of anxiety and depression can be successfully alleviated with cognitive behavioral therapy.  We will help your child learn coping strategies and change negative patterns of thought and behavior to achieve a healthier mindset.  Please, don’t let your child continue to suffer one more day; reach out today so we can help.

Poor Self-Esteem & Self-Image

Women and adolescent girls in our society are prone to poor self-esteem.  These negative views of self result in self-exclusion from social activities, anxiety, and depression.  In our adult and adolescent groups, we work together, through activities and meaningful conversations led by the therapist, to explore our concepts of self and celebrate our unique attributes.  We believe that connecting with others is a key component of building self-esteem.  Call our office to learn about groups that are forming now.